Store Locator

Make it easy for your customers to find you online and offline.

Help customers quickly find the right store
  • Geolocation or Manual Search Engine
    Simplify location searching for customers with automated geolocation and customizable search filters.
  • Industry Designed Themes
    Select from industry-proven designs to ensure the best user experience for your customers
  • Customizable Templates
    Stay on brand by customizing the template designs to align with your company branding
  • Responsive Design
    Deliver a optimal experience across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Seamless Integration Across All Your Channels


Integrate the Store Locator across your website, mobile apps or Facebook Pages to ensure a consistent user experience across all channels.

See the BRIDGE Store Locator In Action

Gain Insights by Tracking User Behaviour


Monitor and track the user behaviour across the Store Locator to gain actionable insights and identify ways to improve the customer journey.

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