Manage Your Data, Analyze And Optimize Your Success

Managing and analyzing what your customers do has never been so easy. The BRIDGE Platform allows you to manage all the data relating to each of your stores from a single location. As well as ensuring the information you provide to your customers is accurate and up-to-date, you can also analyze the data you collect to gain vital insights into user behaviour.

All Your Data In One Place

Managing all your data in one place has many benefits:

  • Better understand your customers
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Eliminating any redundant data – having all your data in one place means this will not happen, i.e. no data will be duplicated
  • Much easier to analyze and report on data which comes from one source, rather than multiple databases
  • Staff training is simplified a great deal if everyone is only using one database

BRIDGE’S back-end dashboard enables you to manage all your data for Online Listings, Store Locator and Local Pages.

  • Location Details – Update the location name, description, address, phone number and email.
  • Hours – Manage the opening hours for each location and display special opening hours for holidays.
  • Images – Feature dedicated visuals for each location and the ability to integrate 360 degree views.
  • Events and Promotions – drive in-store traffic by highlighting promotions and in-store events.
  • Geocoding – Each location is automatically geocoded with the exact latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • In-Store Offering – Display the products and/or services that are offered in each location allowing customers to determine what location will best suit their needs.
  • Lead Management – View leads generated from conversion modules and reply to your prospective customers directly from the platform.
  • Import or Export Data – Manage hundreds of locations through import and export functions.



BRIDGE is a cloud-hosted platform on a secure Amazon Web Services server, with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and a high standard of page load-time. The BRIDGE platform gives you complete control over access to your site, enabling you to add, remove and manage your users. With responsive and dedicated interfaces designed for both users and administrators, it allows you to give access to users across your organization, and add multiple users at once through the ‘import file’ function. Designate user roles such as, Administrator, Group Manager or Location Manager to ensure employees have access to view and edit content for the applicable locations.

BRIDGE can be integrated with existing technologies as well, including updating and retrieval of data. Detailed reports on Store Locator, Local Pages and Online Listings allow you to continually optimize your performance as a business, learning what is working and what is not, and adjusting accordingly.

View Analytics Anytime


View publishing reports to ensure that the changes you have made to your listings have been successfully implemented.


Ensures completeness and accuracy of data by viewing data quality reports that detect inconsistencies, discrepancies or missing fields.


Get a better understanding of the traffic being driven to all the Google My Business listings in your network. You can see:

  • Direct searches – The number of times your listings have been searched for in Google and Google Maps.
  • Discovery searches – The number of times your listings have been shown in non-branded local searches.
  • Click-through rates – Understand how users interact with your Google My Business listings, including the click-through rates of contact details, directions and website call-to-actions.


Gain vital insight into user behaviour via Google Analytics. Learn what pages users are visiting and what actions they are taking on those pages to determine how you can improve each page.


Understand the behaviour of your users with Google Analytics insights on Store Locator pages. Learn where your visitors are searching and what they’re searching for, and use this information to make continuous improvements to your store locators.

 How BRIDGE Can Help Your Organization

As an SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing solution for brands and retail networks, BRIDGE helps brands capture local traffic and convert it into in-store footfall.

Read more on Leadformance about our secure online-to-offline-platform with the BRIDGE software to see how we can help your business.