Local Pages

Leverage Local Pages to engage customers and drive them in-stores.


customers are looking for information online before coming to the store.

BVA / Mappy 2014

more local SEO traffic observed by BRIDGE clients within the first year of implementation.

Dedicate Pages to Showcase Each and Every Location
  • Built in SEO
    Increase your online discoverability and search engine ranking through optimized content for each local page
  • Customizable Design and Content
    Customize the design and content to align with branding while sharing the most relevant information for each store.
  • Highlight Promotions and Offers

    Add location specific promotions and offers to each Local Page to drive customers in-stores

  • Responsive Design
    Deliver a optimal experience for users across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Convert Online Visitors to Offline Customers

Generate new leads and convert traffic into customers with customizable modules designed specifically for your industry and customer journey. Select from a number of modules including: contact forms, quote requests, appointment booking, product reservation forms and more.

Extend Your Existing Tools into BRIDGE


Integrate external widgets and tools into your BRIDGE solution to handle customer service inquiries, display reviews and ratings or pull social feeds.

Data & Content Management for Stores


Distribute responsibilities by empowering store managers to maintain their local pages. Give them the ability to update content and data for their specific stores ensuring they are always up to date with the latest hours, contact details and promotions.

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